Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Wearing the right clothes can make a difference on every run you embark on, but it’s especially important in the winter when you need to stay warm (but not sweaty) and visible if you’re training after dark.

If you scoff at the idea of taking your running indoors during the cold season, or worse still, giving up the sport altogether until the spring, then the gear below will see you shine through your night runs this winter.

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Proviz REFLECT360 Running Jacket

No-one does reflective gear quite like Proviz, which embeds millions of tiny beads in its clothes so they flare up the moment any light falls upon them. This jacket is designed for cold-weather running, so can be a tad sweaty if you push the pace, but for easy night runs there’s no better option for increasing your visibility. £84.99, buy on provizsports.com

GORE Mythos 2.0 Windstopper Soft Shell Light Vest

A running vest is one of the key parts of a winter wardrobe because it keeps your core warm and protected from wind while being well ventilated enough that you won’t overheat. Opt for the luminous yellow version of the Mythos 2.0, which has reflective details all over the place, and you’ll be equally easily spotted during the day as you are at night. £89.99, buy on goreapparel.co.uk, check price on amazon.co.uk

Asics Lite-Show SS Top

buy on asics.com/gb

If you’re the kind of hardy runner who sticks with a T-shirt no matter how cold it gets, this top could be your best bet for night runs. Asics’s Lite-Show reflective print – which is available on a range of clothes if you want all your night-running gear to match – spreads over the front, sides and back so you’ll be visible from all angles. £36-38, buy on asics.com/gb, check price on amazon.co.uk

2XU Reflect Compression Tights

If you reach for your running tights the moment the weather turns frosty – and it’s an eminently reasonable thing to do – these ones, which have reflective detailing around the calf and shin, are a great choice. The tight compression will also help get the blood pumping when you warm up in cold conditions. £76.49, buy on sportsshoes.com

CEP Nighttech Socks

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If full tights aren’t for you, these knee-length compression socks, which have reflective dots up the backs, might be more up your street. As well as compressing your calves, the Nighttech socks also fit very snugly around the foot to help avoid blisters. £39.99, buy on cepsports.co.uk

Proviz REFLECT360 Running Backpack

If you’re a run commuter then half the reflective details on your jacket can be covered up by a backpack, so it’s wise to make said backpack reflective too. Proviz’s running backpack is lightweight, has adjustable straps so you can set it up to fit closely and not bounce while running, and the back panel is made from reflective fabric. £49.99, buy on provizsports.com

Karrimor Flashing Band

A cheap and simple solution to your visibility concerns is to pick up four of these reflective bands – which have a flashing light built in – and strap them around your wrists and ankles. £2.99 each, buy on karrimor.com