Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It can be very hard to say goodbye to a pair of running shoes. After covering hundreds of miles in a pair, setting PBs and tackling races all over the country, or even the world, there will be so many happy memories attached to them that throwing them in the bin can feel like cruelly discarding your trusted wingmen.

You can ease the pain of saying farewell, however, by recycling your shoes. Trade them in as part of the Runner’s Need Recycle My Run campaign and your well-loved kicks will either be sent to one of over 85 countries as re-wearable footwear or, if you’ve really run them into the ground, broken down into raw materials to be re-used in the manufacturing process. You’ll also get a £20 voucher towards new shoes to go along with the warm glow of knowing you haven’t been wasteful.

Last year’s Recycle My Run campaign saw 1.5 tonnes of old running shoes recycled. That’s a lot of shoes, but the campaign is hoping to collect even more this year. It shouldn’t be hard to top last year’s tally when you consider that every year in the UK 300 million pairs of running shoes are thrown out, with most going to landfill.

The Recycle My Run campaign launched on Sunday 8th October at the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon with a collection point at the Runner’s Need stand in the race village in Hyde Park.

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For the rest of the month you will be able to recycle your shoes at any of the 37 Runner’s Need stores around the country for a month – perfect timing if you landed a ballot spot in the London Marathon and you’re looking to get a new pair for your training.

For more info on the Recycle My Run campaign go to the Runners Need website or pop into any store and ask.

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